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Diamonds, a Dog’s Best Friend: Fine Jewelry for Pets

Already have the polished gold dog bowl and struggling for a way to show your pampered pooch you love them? Let your best friend know he’s an integral part of the family with a diamond-encrusted dog collar. Whether you’re taking him out to a special event or just hitting the shops, your dog will know he’s part of an elite crew with a bauble of his very own. Offered from some of the most exclusive fine jewelers, diamond dog collars are a must-have for (more…)

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The Best Real Estate Sites for Private Islands

If you have recently found yourself in the position of having an excess amount of personal income, you are probably running short of inspiration concerning how to waste it most efficiently. Chances are good that you’ve already got a garage full of showy cars, a few mansions sprinkled about the global landscape and possibly a bevvy of attractive young new friends to help ease the burden of your wealth. You probably, however, don’t have a private island yet. Because private islands (more…)

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Fairy Tale Weddings: Finding and Renting the Perfect Castle

All the money in the world can’t buy love, but it can buy the perfect wedding venue. If you know what you want your wedding to look like, then it is best to start looking for a venue months in advance, if not years. Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life, and if you can afford it, then you should go all out for the event. Search online for older homes that have a lot of space. The owner might rent the (more…)

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Where To Buy Jeweled Money Clips

A slick money clip is a great way to carry your money instead of the more traditional and bulky wallet. Jeweled money clips take the idea a step further and give you a glamorous personal piece to show off every time you need to settle a bill. Regardless of the fact that the purpose behind a money clip is to remove the bulk and simplify, a jeweled money clip will add bulk and make a plain clip seem over the top in some cases, but bling and personalization (more…)

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How Many Cars Is Too Many?

A person who owns one car may or may not need it. A person who lives in area where there is plentiful public transportation and who does not often venture outside of a city probably does not even need that. A person who lives in a small town does need a vehicle, often because there is no transportation available. This is the case for the United States. It is not often the case in other countries, where public transportation is in plentiful supply. A person seldom needs more (more…)

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Best Values for Vacation Homes: Tuscany v. Milan

For travelers who wish to stop staying at five star plus hotels in an effort to help the floundering economies of the host countries we recommend coming down a few notches to the vacation rental level of accommodations. We realize this may be quite a shock to those accustomed to superior standards of hospitality but the surrounding locale should more than make up for the sacrifice.
Milan offers a huge selection of short term rentals (more…)

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Great Birthday Gifts for Under 10,000

Some say the hardest part of a relationship is getting to know, really getting to know, another person. Others say it’s learning how to compromise, to meet your friend (lover, spouse, child, house cleaner) half way. Of course these people don’t know what you and I know, they haven’t dealt with the types of things you and I deal with. We, with our experience, know that the hardest part of a relationship is figuring out what kind of gift to get the special someone.

First step is prudence. (more…)

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Do bears surf in the woods ?

Well, it’s been a long time coming and the first weekend has finally arrived. The flight over to the private airfield was a pleasant one as is usually it tends to be. The nuts had just that right amount of salt, the baked goods were absolutely as fresh as the fruit was. Even the pilot seemed to make an extra smooth landing, everything seemed to be going your way.

Not being familiar with the lay of the land, or the roads, it was decided to have a chartered limo waiting. This is wise isn’t it, sure it is, after all you haven’t had a chance to stop by the local luxury SUV dealer. You’ve heard it does snow a few times a year here.

The kids have been asking all year when will it be ready, isn’t ready yet, tell ‘em to hurry up dad! The pictures sent by the builder were nice, but they simply couldn’t do justice to the image of your remote rustic cabin in the mountains. You arrive, unpack the provisions, yes, there is even kindled wood and log ready to light in the stone fireplace.

It’s now 8 pm and the kids are asking, hey dad, how do I check my email ? It’s at that moment you realize what dire straits you are in if you can’t solve the problem. You try to mollify them by ordering a pizza. Your concern is shared by the delivery man. He request’s a small tip if he can solve your problem, you agree. He mentions a short phrase and writes it on the pizza box. It saidget Wild Blue, problem solved, you smile and instantly flip him a c-note.


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Most Eligible Women Alive

Gone are the days of successful men wining, dining and wooing their female counterparts. This is a generation who has grown up with mothers just as likely to be the breadwinner in a happy household. It has been a longtime tradition for wealthy older men to purchase the most exquisite trophies on the market to be proudly displayed in their bedroom and/or kitchen; however, in an era of equal rights, it is becoming just as common for financially fortunate aging women to stop by the just-over-teenage trophy store and pick up a little something for themselves. So for all you young men out there, looking to live a lavish life of luxury but neither coming from money nor willing to work for it, these are the most eligible unmarried women in the world today, possessing that eclectic blend of riches, beauty and scorn. 1.Elin Nordegren formerly Woods net worth: 750 million It’s been a rough year run of things for Elin as of late. Combine turning 30 with the much ballyhooed antics of her ex-husband Tiger Woods off the golf course, and what you have is a gorgeous former model, with half the estate of one of the richest athletes on the world, subconsciously looking to exact her revenge and prove she’s still got it. Trust issues might still be a lingering after-effect (and with good reason), but nothing a little couples counseling on her dime can’t fix. 2.Jennifer Aniston net worth: 120 million Mainstream hope that America’s Sweetheart will live happily ever after is sinking faster than a Star Jones-paddled canoe, but who knows, perhaps you could be the fellow to treat her right. Besides, after high publicity relationships with Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn and John Mayer, she recently slummed it up (relatively) with the actor best known as “that guy from Cougar Town.” Maybe, just maybe, “that guy who was on the Jumbotron at the game that one time” is next. (more…)

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Diamonds Are For Whatever

A diamond is truly timeless. When used appropriately, a well cut diamond can be valued well beyond its market price, symbolizing a level of class, commitment and purpose that can’t be expressed in mere dollar amount. With that said, when you have a whole lot of money, each subsequent diamond may add a little sparkle to your life, but it’s highly unlikely each individual rock will hold quite as special place of a place in the mind or heart. There can come a point in one’s affluence when a box full of diamonds is little more than a glorified tub of glitter. Here are some wise purchases when you finally hit that plateau.Nesmuk Diamond Kitchen Knife w/ring (Price: 40,000) Not only does cooking’s finest heirloom boast a selection of diamonds to complement its sterling silver handle, it manages to integrate them while minimizing utility. After all, if you’re going to develop a diamond-centric cutting tool why not fashion a knife that can not only cut up a cutlet but also slice through a stained glass window while at it? On the other hand, with daggers and candlesticks becoming more and more obsolete, the “diamond-handled kitchen knife” does make a nice murder weapon for a modern day Clue remake. (more…)

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